HITEC Europe

For us being a company involved in Hotel IT and headquarterd in Europe today was a quite exciting day: Global HFTP President Lyle Worthington and Carson Booth chairman of the advisory council opened the first European HITEC in Amsterdam. After a full day of various Keynotes, Sessions, Panels, walking the Show Floor and many conversations […]

HITEC – Displays, OTT and Cupcakes

Digital Displays On the way to New Orleans I had the chance to listen to a podcast with Randy Dearborn, MGMs VP for Multimedia & Guest Technology.  He runs the whole screen network for MGM (about 65.000!) and that’s what he says: I have a huge network of TVs in the guestrooms at my disposal. […]

IHIF, China, Netflix – exciting times for Hotel IT

The atmosphere at the yearly International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin is always quite a good indicator for the state of the hotel Industry. So how was the atmosphere this year? Just one word: Fantastic. CEOs looked back on 2014 as one of the strongest years in recent memory and claimed that, barring unforeseen events, […]

Hacking curtains and staying neutral

After 3 Quarters of the year are done and HTNG Middle East is well digested it might be time to do a quick tour through various events, developments and/or news from the technology world which somehow come and stick to mind: Hacking curtains Sounds strange, but is an almost logical result of the “Internet of […]

HITEC and Worldcup

Back from LA, read the first post HITEC reviews, sorted out my own experiences and notes and even got my inner clock to work again on an European level. What a week, what an experience – this is more or less the tenor of each and every comment I read so far and it really […]

Hitec rules, and so does LA

Each and every year, Hitec is a real exciting pleasure to attend. Only the first day is slowly coming to an end and it already would have been worth the whole trip. The keynote this morning by Rachel Botsman about the collaborative economy was really thought provoking and very well attended. And there for sure […]

HTNG Forum Berlin

I just returned from the recent HTNG Infrastructure & Device Forum Meeting in Berlin and I have to admit it was (once again) a real pleasure – and there are various reasons for it. First, this Meetings offer the best opportunity to challenge ones own thoughts with some of the most experienced minds in this […]

Travel uniting the world

Sometimes small coincidences really deliver powerful messages. I always regarded travelling as an experience which in the end improves the chances for peace in this world. In this sense it is good news how international travel grew over the last decades from 25 million in the 50ies to more than 1 billion 2012. And it […]

In tourism the ball is rolling

ITB Berlin – like always – is a real inspiration. Lots of traffic in the aisles and at at-visions new booth, where people were looking for innovations regarding guest facing technologies. This year especially integrated Hotel TV solutions based on smart TVs or mobile apps for better communication with guests. Already visited some conference sessions […]

Hotel Technology Show in London

Just returned from a hotel technology show in London called Hotel Technology Europe. This is a very much appreciated attempt to create an European market place for Hotel Technology, kind of an European HITEC if you like. Well, quite a way to go I have to say. In reality there are three shows in one […]