IT Coaching

IT is a tool that should assist your company’s strategies, by working inconspicuous and reliably in the background. IT should be the healthy foundation on which a company can build its success.

Together we can determine your needs and create a detailed concept for all concerns of telecommunication, computer and network technology. Our special focus in this case is consulting and assistance for the management. On one hand to create clearness about personal and budget, but on the other hand to show future possibilities which will meet your future business needs.

at-visions IT Coaching covers the following steps:

Detailed planning

  • Definition of the IT infrastructure
  • Coaching for selection of all hardware and software
  • Planning of software components
  • Conception of hardware installation
  • Planning of offer phase
  • Coordination of processes between all partners involved
  • Planning of security concepts

Completion of the project

  • Attendance at final inspection
  • Project documentation
  • Working out of eventual correction activities
  • Coordination of Go Live
  • Preparation of educational activities
  • Coaching in selection of IT personnel
  • Implementation of security concepts
  • Controlling of hardware and software installation


  • Coordination of all IT relevant processes
  • Project escort and controlling
  • Regular meetings with all partners involved
  • Necessary corrections
  • Consulting of architects and industry
  • Attendance at all meetings
  • Control of timeframe

Productive operation

  • Coordination of IT specialists
  • Finalization of IT documentation:
  • Overview
  • Emergency plan
  • Concept for remote maintenance
  • Coaching for education and training
  • Monitoring of licences and updates
  • Take over of IT management

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