Why ONEapp™ by at-visions?

The fine thing about modern technology is that it suddenly offers a lot more effective ways to communicate with your guests and promote your services.

Website, Hotel TV, Digital Signage, Apps – all fine tools, but to use them all might add quite an effort. After all, they partly serve similar purposes, promote similar services and provide similar content. So the best way to manage all those channels is obviously via one common content management system. And that is exactly what at-visions provides.

But there is more: ONEapp™ is – wait for it – FREE when not in use. As long as it doesn’t serve your guests you will not have any benefit. So we think it is perfectly fair you don’t have to pay for it. Only when it is in use it provides added value and only then we take a small part of it.

ONEapp™ by at-visions

  • runs in every modern mobile web-browser
  • is managed through the same CMS (potentially) used by other channels like Hotel TV and Digital Signage
  • perfectly reflects your brand through its customized look & feel according to your CI
  • provides maximal flexibility
  • is FREE until it is really used

ONEapp™ – it has never been easier to connect with your guests!

You want to know more about ONEapp™? You are welcome: Request information