OTAs, Experiences, digital Touchpoints and more 3/3

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While the first two articles where about OTA and Reviews, this time let's have a look on ancillary revenue. Ancillary Revenue Airlines and also Cruiselines are focusing a lot on ancillary revenues. In both industries they are already responsible for a big chunk of total revenue and increasing steadily. Pernilla Edelsvard, Head of Digital at SAS [...]

OTAs, Experiences, digital Touchpoints and more 2/3

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As described in the last blog article, using technology in order to offer the best possible on-site experience is a very good way to get more direct bookings. But is this the only advantage? No. Just think about reviews. They have a big influence on booking decisions. Good reviews lead to better occupancy and higher rates. [...]

HITEC Europe

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For us being a company involved in Hotel IT and headquarterd in Europe today was a quite exciting day: Global HFTP President Lyle Worthington and Carson Booth chairman of the advisory council opened the first European HITEC in Amsterdam. After a full day of various Keynotes, Sessions, Panels, walking the Show Floor and many conversations at [...]

IHIF, China, Netflix – exciting times for Hotel IT

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The atmosphere at the yearly International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin is always quite a good indicator for the state of the hotel Industry. So how was the atmosphere this year? Just one word: Fantastic. CEOs looked back on 2014 as one of the strongest years in recent memory and claimed that, barring unforeseen events, 2015 [...]

Hacking curtains and staying neutral

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After 3 Quarters of the year are done and HTNG Middle East is well digested it might be time to do a quick tour through various events, developments and/or news from the technology world which somehow come and stick to mind: Hacking curtains Sounds strange, but is an almost logical result of the "Internet of things"-Thing. [...]

HTNG Forum Berlin

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I just returned from the recent HTNG Infrastructure & Device Forum Meeting in Berlin and I have to admit it was (once again) a real pleasure - and there are various reasons for it. First, this Meetings offer the best opportunity to challenge ones own thoughts with some of the most experienced minds in this industry, [...]