Fields of application

Digital Signage plays a similar role in the hotel as the TV screen does in the guestrooms.

Action-packed images in brilliant quality create eye-catching stimuli in high-traffic zones and areas in which the guest spends time.

It is always up to date and always adapted to the target audience.


  • The perfect medium for advertising

  • Dynamic content to attract and retain attention

  • Promotional offers adapted to the time of day

  • Special Spa promotions based on current utilisation

  • Advertise additional sales opportunities such as vouchers and retail products to drive ancillary revenue streams.


  • Information about your hotels’ awards, facilities and services

  • Announcement of future events

  • Recommended trips

  • Doorsigns for Conference rooms

  • Wayfinding In- or Outdoor, Directories

Further Examples

  • In Retail surroundings to enhance shopping experience

  • In Supermarkets at the service counter for targeted promotions

  • For Quick Service Restaurants to simplify frequent content change

  • Corporate Communication in office buildings

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