Marketing & Revenue

First, beautiful designed and flexible Skins are a perfect way to enhance your brand.

Second, each digital touchpoint is a potential POS. We make use of technology for marketing and sales purposes in a very active, timely and precise way.

RSS Feeds, Instant Promotions, Messages etc. can be delivered to all rooms, only to the suits, dependent on group codes, 10 minutes after switch on or only to watchers of a certain channel. Direct order via every device/channel, non-intrusive but effective promotion for free Treatment slots, Happy Hour, Events …

Third, technology enables service: to arrange a special channel line up for a long stay guest, automatically remember watched channels and allocate them in a favorite section, provide an exclusive branded Skin for a group of conference attendees and on and on it goes.

Last but not least, there is one thing which importance stands out: the user interface! It has to be clean and clutter free. And to be really intuitive there has to be an immediate response to every command from the remote control. Try it and feel the difference. Sum up: No clutter. No delay. No confusion.

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