ITB 2012 – day two has something to celebrate ;-)

I’ve been at ITB many times already but the buzz is still always amazing. Each conference session packed, strong traffic in the aisles and almost no booth staff looking bored due lack of interest. That’s the way trade fairs are supposed to be. However, not that much of conference topics of great interest today (that’s just for me, they were still packed) so I used the time to walk the floors.

At least one bit of information/impression I still wanna share: a quite interesting way Tesco made use of the QR code in Korea. Would be even better if the long announced NFC functionality would be widely available already – I’m still one of the few people complaining that technological progress is actually too slow 😉


But now lets move to something what is celebrated right today. I could not imagine any better place to honor todays international womens day than ITB, and looking at the photos below you will have to agree. Joke aside, wandering through the halls where every country presents its most beautyful sights really gives a very concentrated impression of the beauty of our world.

And believe me, working on the crossroads of two really beautyful industries – technological gadgets and tourism – is a real pleasure for yours truly 😉






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