As described in the last blog article, using technology in order to offer the best possible on-site experience is a very good way to get more direct bookings. But is this the only advantage? No. Just think about reviews. They have a big influence on booking decisions. Good reviews lead to better occupancy and higher rates.

Have a look what all the statements or reviews are about on Facebook, Tripadvisor etc.: The booking process? The search process? The journey to your hotel? Nope. Almost all of them are about the experience on site. Therefore, if you want to have good reviews, you better provide a really good experience. In this regard keep in mind that hospitality is not only a transactional business but should also be about engagement and experiences.

As a rule of thumb, the more guests are able to engage with the hotel and its services, the more experiences they have, the better the reviews and also the higher the chance they come back.

Reviews mostly are based on the experiences your guests have at their stay. The more services they enjoy, the higher the chance for memorable experiences and good reviews. You need to inform your guests about what you have to offer, to promote your services to make them aware how they can enhance their stay. We provide several ways through technology to do exactly that – more options to communicate and engage with your guests.

And more experiences not only improve reviews. More experiences quite often also lead to more revenue. Ancillary revenue, which will be the subject of our next post.