Travel uniting the world

//Travel uniting the world

Travel uniting the world

Sometimes small coincidences really deliver powerful messages. I always regarded travelling as an experience which in the end improves the chances for peace in this world. In this sense it is good news how international travel grew over the last decades from 25 million in the 50ies to more than 1 billion 2012. And it will grow further to estimated 1,8 billion just by 2030 – as stated in my last post mainly driven by chinese middle class.

But now for the coincidence. At ITB almost every country exhibits and the pure amount of squaremeters (160.000) is really astounding. So and who in this giant area is actually exhibiting side by side in the same hall? The US, Russia and Ukraine. Lets hope that this peaceful coexisting at ITB is a symbol for the weeks, months and years to come.

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