And again a year comes to an end – the second year since this pandemic hit the world and especially the whole tourism industry for sure was not one without challenges.

But although there were many up and downs, changing regulations and predictions in all flavors and directions one thing still became very clear: to travel is a fixture on almost everybody’s wishlist and is roaring back wherever and whenever the situation allows. Tourism definitely will continue to be a long term success story as soon as the pandemic changes into an endemic which hopefully will be rather sooner than later.

What we all also have experienced first hand is how the pandemic acted as an enormous accelerator for digital transformation, and the hotel industry was no exception here. Becoming more efficient, taking out friction and improving the guest experience is clearly the way to go with overall a lot of yet uncovered potential. The most underutilized “hotel technology” in many cases is still the guests smart devices and there is no reason why this should not change for the better.

Change for the better is also the raison d’etre of Medicins sans frontiers, an organization founded exactly 50 years ago and thus celebrating 5 decades of humanity. For us it became a tradition to support them via donating as a sign of gratefulness for their ongoing help and commitment for those in need.

Grateful we are also for all the great cooperation shown by everybody we have the honor to work with all over the world and throughout the year. To all our customers, partners and colleagues, we wish you a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!