Reducing physical contact is an understandable reaction in this new normality we live in. Fortunately there is a lot of proven and affordable technology to support this along the whole guest journey while improving convenience, service and efficiency at the same time. Just out of the solutions we provide already right now (with more to come soon):

  • Online Check-in – frictionless experience, increased efficiency also for the hotel, optional upselling, integrated with PMS
  • Mobile Key – no need to wait in line at reception, integrated with all leading door lock providers
  • Kiosk – in case the needed door lock infrastructure is not in place, our kiosk solutions provide a very cost efficient option for self-service, with QR code delivered during online check-in also contactless
  • Digital Signage – perfect communication channel for up-to-date information
  • Wifi – automated Login for registered guests/loyalty members, splash page for timely information
  • Digital Compendium – all information up-to-date available through mobile app on guests own devices or on the TV already available in every room